3 Points Marketing and advertising Have some Travel Blog.

In case you haven’t noticed, blogs (short for web logs, really just an on line journal) are everywhere on the net. You can find sport blogs , car fan blogs , cooking blogs–all geared towards taking what’s within your mind and getting hired out in a fashion which can be beneficial to others.

Travel is no different.

Whether you’re passionate about traveling, a weekend adventurer, or leave annually with the family to see what the planet has to offer, a travel blog is a wonderful medium to generally share your encounters with others. In addition to any family member with some type of computer and Net connection being able to access your blog , friends and friends of friends can read what you’ve written about destinations around the planet!

While you can find lots of reasons for keeping an over-all blog , we’ve appear three very good reasons to keep a specific travel blog. They’re:

#1. Any bad experiences at hotels, restaurants, or stops along the way can be vented and heard as you write about your encounters, while the positive events can be pleasantly shared amongst avid blog readers around the planet on the World Wide Web offbeat places in Goa By choosing a travel specific site , potential readers are on that site with that one topic on their mind- and want to know what you have to express about their potential future destinations.

#2. Pictures , pictures and more pictures. Family and friends can keep a tab for you and your travels by reading all about your adventures and viewing he accompanying pictures that you’ve uploaded to your travel blog site of choice. Near the fun of it, you will be saving yourself a couple of afternoons of re-showing your pictures to everyone who would like to see them. Simply send them the web link to your travel blog , ask them to bookmark it on their favorites and visit it often to see where your travels have got you now.

#3. Travel blogs bring your journal to the digital era, and preserves it for an eternity. Floods and other catastrophes can’t damage your memory or your blog , but they can certainly wreak havoc onto pictures , private paper journals and yes- can also damage computers and back-up discs, where nearly all invaluable digital photos are stored.

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